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Application for the DLR/DGLR Student Participation Programme

Apart from the close contact with people who are actively involved in the field of aeronautics, the impact on education and future activities due to the participation is a great benefit for students. To participate in the DLR/DGLR Student Participation Programme, please read the following instructions. Students who do NOT wish or are not able to take part in the DLR/DGLR Student Participation Programme can register directly online or download the congress registration form under " Registration ".

Prerequisites for the DLR/DGLR Student Participation Programme

  1. The application for the DLR/DGLR Student Participation Programme is possible for all students and PhD students studying at German universities with a valid student ID. German citizenship is required.
  2. The applicants must be not older than 28 years.
  3. Students can apply individually or in groups of two or three people.



The contributions of all students will be presented in an exhibition. Every applicant or group of applicants is obliged to hand in one poster in English language or model which will be presented at the congress. Further information about the size of the poster will be sent to the accepted students.

The students present their poster and work in an English speech of 5 to 10 minutes at the conference.

A written paper (maximum of 8 pages) will be printed in the conference proceedings.

Schedule for the application:

  1. The deadline for all applications will be 9 July 2006. Please use the ICAS application form and send it via fax, mail or e-mail to studentprogram@icas2006.org
  2. The letters of acceptance will be sent by 16 July 2006 at the latest. We will inform every applicant about his or her acceptance or refusal.
  3. In case of acceptance, you have to confirm your participation by 20 July 2006 via fax or e-mail. The conference fee (cf. Expenses, Travel and Accommodation) is due on 20 July 2006 as well.
  4. Submit the posters to machtWissen.de AG by 4 August 2006. If you want us to print your poster, send it in printable file (pdf of ppt format) to studentprogram@icas2006.org .

    All posters and models can as well be brought directly to the conference.


Please download the registration form for the DLR/DGLR Student Participation Programme here:

Student Participation Programme Application Form



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